Instructions and Help

Register: When you register you will be sent a User ID that you will use to Sign In. This will give you access to the file that you are Inputting/Editing.

Instructions: General instructions for user to help with the indexing of Rochester Churches:

Sign In: Go to the Indexing home page. Sign In with your User ID. Go to the type of record you are indexing, for example Input Marriages. Select the File you are indexing.

Enter Data: Start entering data into the fields. (See Edit Input Form for field availability.)

Review and Correct Data: At this point you can correct mistakes easily by selecting and rewriting entires.

Insert Record: When you are done entering and reviewing data, click on the Insert Record button or press the Enter key. The information you have entered will be inserted into our database. If you realized you have made a mistake after you clicked on the Insert button, you can still correct it by going to the Review Record section.

Review Record: You can get a summary of your work by Listing the Records (see below). You can also review your work by going to Review Records (Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths). Select the File and the range of records you would like to view. It's a good idea to review your work periodically to check for entries you may have skipped, or perhaps duplicated. Also you may realize the true version of a name if you see it later in other entries.

Edit Record: From the Review Record screen you can click on the Edit button to make changes to the record. If you have entered the same record twice, overwrite that record with the information from another record. If you have skipped a record, just insert a new record. Those records will be out of order, but that will only be a consideration when Reviewing the Records.

List Records: You can get a summary of your work by Listing the Records. Go to Review Records (Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths). Select the File and click on List Records. These records can be copied and pasted into your favorite spreadsheet program.

Input Forms: Tailor the Forms to your needs. There are more input fields available for your use. Select the fields that you need from the Input Forms. You may also change the input order of the fields.